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Green Tea – Health And History

Honestly, whenever I personally hear the word tea, I think of diet. Almost about everyone knows, green tea has always been an old traditional way in losing weight and detoxifying one’s body. Teas come in different form and today, we will be digging the green one.

Green tea is relatively the sexiest amongst the tea family. The fact that is the healthiest to take makes it more significant to say that a cup of unsweetened green tea, almost about have, zero calories on it. Very ideal for those who would want to lose weight and maintain very good position in leveling not just blood but also sugar level. But wait, you don’t want to be drinking something that you are not familiar as to where it was from. Let us go back a little bit in time and see where this sexy tea came from.

Its history would be a television drama, a polygamous businessman. The origin of green tea came from China. Chinese had always been popular with medicinal treatments and herbs. Camellia sinensis is the plant’s name. A book that formally introduced tea to the world was written by Lu Yu, printed back in 600 AD but again, tea could have been used even before that date. Some historians found that the first team was brewed by Emperoe Chen Nung back in 2737 AD. Its history also point marks from other Asian countries such as Japan, where some other hybrid classifications of tea might have been found like black tea and so on.

Teas are well known for some very helpful effects. Green tea in particular is well known not just as a beverage but also as a medicinal support. With tons of benefits, I don’t see any reason why one can’t take even a cupful on a bright sunny morning. Let me list some of the medicinal qualities and benefits of green tea.

Green tea with its best friend antioxidants can pull you out from the dreaded cancer, before you even hit it. Colon, breast, prostate and heart are all lessened upon constant intake. Polyphenol, a natural antioxidant found on it blocks skin cancer from continuously growing and inhibiting. Free radicals also get to be reduced during this process of intake, sorting out diseases and the dreadful – aging.

Taking tea regulates blood sugar hence, saving you form possibilities of getting diabetes as your last name. This mainly neutralizes the level of sugar and promotes healthy digestion. Alongside with digestion, illness that co relates to ingestion are now part of the team.

It is also known to make the brain function at its best. Since green tea does contain small amount of caffeine, it is just enough to support one in keeping you awake without the harmful effect of a normal blended coffee. Small intake of caffeine improves not just brain functionalities but also boosts mood, reflex and memory. Taking in green tea also reduces the chance of falling into the list of those who has Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease.

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